FamiliarFeatures Between
Reality and Myth

Kuwat - Fa Gallery 12th October- 1st November 2011
Fourteen Egyptian artists search inside their memories and present for fantasies and pictures of persons and places, at times to confirm their coherence with time and reality, and at the other times their separation, to get secluded in even more symbolic and mythical worlds, as if reality was a narrower space to live within

Adel el Siwi-painting
Armen Agop-Sculpture
Atef Ahmed-mixed media on photography
Ayman Loutfy-photography
Ehab el Labban-Sculpture
Essam Darwish-Sculpture
Essam Marouf-painting
Khalid Hafez-painting+Video Art
Khaled Soroor-painting
Marwa Adel-photography
May Refky-painting
Mohamrd Abla-painting
Mohamer Ardash-painting
Samih Ismail-Calligraphy
Ahmad Atef, Untitled, 152x152cm Mixed Media on Canvas