From Egypt with Love: A Modern Art Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 8th March – 23rd March 2011 Providing a platform not only for Saudi artists but international ones alike. We creates an arena for dialogue and cultivates new understandings of collective meanings and value.
our public space houses exhibitions that are at the forefront of the contemporary Middle Eastern Art scene.
For nearly a century, technically accurate figurative and literal representations of form dominated the Egyptian art movement. Running parallel to this trend was a local avant-garde current, born from an artist's rebellion which extended the limits of traditional methods of expression.
In the late eighties and early nineties, Established and emerging artists alike witnessed a burgeoning inclination towards technical and conceptual experimentation in the Egyptian art scene.
Today the same art movement — celebrating more than a century of modernism in the arts — is an effervescent continuum of contemporary art trends. Athr has partnered with Ward Culture and Art Center, based in Cairo, and is pleased to present the Modern Egyptian Art Exhibition, a group show consisting of 13 Egyptian artists active in the modern art scene today.

Abdel Hady el Wichahi
Ahmad Atef
Adel El Siwi
Ahmed Askalani
Britt Butros Ghali
Essam Maarouf
Khalid Hafiz
Mohamed Abla
Mohammad Radwan
Mohamed Talaat
Shaymaa Aziz
Sobhi Guergues
Walid Taher
Ahmad Atef, Untitled, 152x152cm Mixed Media on Canvas